Our Vision

It’s time to change personal wealth management for the better.

We believe that as an investor, you deserve better. That if you’re going to pay for expertise, you should receive better than average results.

You’ve worked hard for your wealth. It’s the culmination of all your blood, sweat and tears. And with your family’s future riding on it, the importance can’t be overstated.

We believe it’s time for the investment industry to stop expecting their clients’ business, and start earning it. It’s our hope that you give us a seat at your investment table, and the opportunity to earn more of your business over time.

At SGIM, we realize that managing your hard-earned wealth isn’t a right. It’s a privilege. A privilege that must be earned every day.

SGIM. A revolutionary new model that puts your interests first.

Here’s how we’re changing wealth management for the better by putting investors’ interests first.

Portfolios created from hard data, not human bias

SGIM leverages cutting-edge, proprietary technology that analyzes hundreds of fundamental and technical data points. Securities are chosen solely on empirical data rather than human bias.

Transparent performance data

Your account was up last month. But is that because you made a deposit, or because your investments are doing well?

Investment firms typically don’t disclose performance data on their clients’ account pages other than the change in dollar value. This tells investors very little.

Every day, we display your annualized return in a percentage, measured against a standard industry benchmark — so you can see how your investment performance compares to the market and you know exactly where you stand.

Why benchmarks matter

Benchmarks are essentially a report card for investors. They should be very straightforward, easy to follow and most importantly not change. Many investment managers simply change their benchmark if they are consistently underperforming — making outperformance easier to achieve. We believe this is like making the infield shorter to hit more home runs.

Every day, we display your annualized return in a percentage so you can see how your investment performance compares to the market. You always know exactly where you stand.

Bank level security

Security is something we take very seriously. All accounts are protected by 256-bit encryption and monitored 24/7. Accounts are held in your name, segregated, at a third-party custodian that is a member of the SIPC, regulated by the SEC and FINRA so you can feel confident that your assets are well protected.