Bear Market Strategy

Minimize the Bad, Maximize the Good

Conventional wisdom urges investors to buy and hold, stay invested and not attempt to time the market. Otherwise, investors can risk missing out on the market’s top-performing days.

However, one of the keys to better long-term performance is to avoid 100% participation in bad markets. When certain market dynamics take place, we automatically dial back your exposure, reducing your portfolio’s volatility. As those same dynamics reverse themselves, the portion of stocks we sold goes back into the market. The compounding effect of this strategy can boost long-term portfolio performance.

Built-in downside protection.

Our Bear Market Strategy has a built-in trigger based on an analysis of macro market conditions. Once the downside protection is triggered, a portion of your equity is automatically reallocated to asset classes that typically do better when equity prices are falling.

Most importantly, our downside protection strategy is based on facts and figures, not gut feelings or negative news.

Dampening significant losses is critical. To make up for losses, your portfolio must rise considerably more on a percentage basis. 

Our approach allows you to have greater participation in the best times while limiting exposure during the worst. This can add up to significant gains over time.