Changing Wealth Management for the Better.


We’re out to change personal wealth management for the better. Here’s how.

Bear Market Strategy

Given the current bull market, you may be wondering if now is a good time to invest or reallocate existing investments.

The answer is “yes.”

Our proprietary technology incorporates automatic bear market protection that will actively shift a portion of your stock investments to asset classes that typically do better when stock prices fall.

Hard Data Not Human Bias

SGIM leverages cutting-edge, proprietary technology that analyzes hundreds of fundamental and technical data points.

Securities are chosen solely on empirical data rather than human bias.


At SGIM, your portfolio’s performance data is always displayed, as well as your portfolio benchmark – so you can always measure your success.

No more guessing whether or not you’re reaching your financial goals. It’s always available online.

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Step 1:
Concise Plan

Answer questions about you, your family, financial goals and needs

SGIM then builds a recommendation based on our core principles of long-term wealth management

You are always free to alter the recommended plan

Step 2:
Open Account

An account is created in your name, held at our custodian

Fund the account either by wire or transferring securities

Link your SGIM account to your checking account for easy, direct ACH transfers

Step 3:
Invest Intelligently

We start managing your money

Log in at any time to see how your accounts are doing

You’ll also receive a comprehensive quarterly review detailing your portfolio’s performance

We never charge commissions, transaction fees or custodial fees.

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Bear-Market Strategy
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